Plextor 760A Recognized but not working?

Hi there, I’m new to this forum and to computers in general really. Basically I have used Paragon partition Manager to increase the size of my Operating Sytem Partition. Everything seemed to run very smoothly but after i’d resized the partition when I came to use my CD drive it wouldn’t run any of the discs I tried. The cd drive isn’t present in My Computer but its recognized in device manager as working fine( is listed there with manufacturer and model no.) with no warnings next it. Ive tried unistalling the drive and reinstalling, ive updated the firmware and tried other drives, which all have the exact same symptoms. The drive will open and close and it sounds like its trying to do something for a few seconds but then just stops. I’d be really grateful if you could share any of your thoughts on the matter.

Have you tried to use a bootable CD or DVD to be sure the drive works without any interference of an OS (for example Windows XP bood Cd or a Linux distribution).
In case you can boot from your CD/DVD it is an OS related problem. In case you can not, it seems like it is an hardware related problem. In this case I’d recommend to check all cables of your 760A. If you have a 2nd PC, move the drive to your 2nd PC and check if it works.
In case the drive will not work in the 2nd PC also it is a burner problem and you should RMA the drive.

If your warranty is expired, it is a worth try to open your drive and clean the laser lens and thech the cables of the laser pickup. This procedure helped very often, and you can not loose anything…

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Hi, just tried booting with my XP disc and it worked fine, I take it that means theres a problem somewhere within the Operating System. Its strange, when I burn cds using Nero 7, it usually uses the Plextor drive as default whereas it’s using something called Image Recorder (cd-r/rw) now, and the Plextor drive isn’t listed at all within Nero. Don’t know whether thats any help. The drive is still listed in Device Manager as working fine.

Maybe you have problems with the upper or lower filters? You can check it out and try it

Since your drive works during CD/DVD boot I guess it is a OS related problem.

Tried deleting the upper and lower filters but still no joy. Hope you guys have some more ideas because i’m lost with it.

If you have the possibility I’d check if your burner works in an other PC as expected. I guess your OS setup is “mixed up” and you need a new one.