Plextor 760A @
109.00USD, I thought it would be more, it comes with the Plextools software.

It is more than $109.00! It is $109.99. :slight_smile:

There is also a bulk black version available from one of the distibutors for $98.

This is a mediocre drive. Plextor’s 18x CAV single layer writing takes longer than LG’s 16x P-CAV, is available for only a handful of media codes, and every 18x burn is a struggle at the end with a hill of PI failures. 10x DL writing process is a mess as well. No wonder this drive got delayed by several months!

I am not wasting money on this. At $50, I might give it a shot… not as a candidate for the main burner, but only out of curiosity.

$109.99??? not worth the premium since plextor and competators are neck to neck in term of quality. Not like in the past where plextor left all the competators in the dust. I’d rather get one 1650 and one 1655 for that price.

Sorry I missed the .99 Agent009. I have been looking forward to this drive for a while.

Sorry to spoil the fun… but you can’t say we haven’t warned you.

Wurd… :bigsmile:

Look at it this way, at least it doesn’t cost $300 for a 12/4/32 SCSI CD-RW drive back in 2000.

755SA is the same drive (just no 18x), and mine works fine. Overall, from what I’ve seen the 755/760 drives are better than the 716 and a solid addition to the Plextor line. $50? How many retail drives can you get for that much?

I paid 350 for mine :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember paying $650 for a 2x SCSI cd recorder. It was a Sony, if I recall correctly, and blank CDs were like $6 each (only that cheap if bought in quantity). Ah, well.

I also noticed that the Plextor 760 had finally showed up at Newegg. I went to the Plextor sub-forum here looking for comments, and did not find many. I did find a link to a review at CDRInfo. After reading their review, I probably wouldn’t buy one for $50, never mind $110.

It only took ages for this drive to appear. Plextor has some catching up to do with the likes of Benq1640, 1655, Lg1467, Nec 35XX. They haven’t made a drive worth the premium one would pay since the Plextor Premium CD-RW. The Plextor PX-716A is a nice drive and is on the right track, but only time will tell. Plextor used to be synonymous with quality. Those Plextor SCSI Drives were awesome back in the days. Thanks for informing us on its availability. The price needs to drop before I can afford to try it.

I can’t believe people are basing their opinion of the drive on ONE review…

how come you can’t believe it Two Degrees? this is typical…

We have at least two reviews and two websites in Japan with plenty of scans to establish that 18x SL and 10x DL barely work, and to see that this is a souped up 716A which wasn’t a great drive either.

I can only speak for myself… Personally, I was curious about 716A, bought a couple of them, and learned my lessons. This is where my $50 ballpark figure [for what 760A is worth to me] came from.

I don’t mind people paying $109.99+tax?+shipping per lesson, but feel that they should know what they are getting into. :slight_smile:

I definitely would mind paying $109.99 plus tax. I just don’t get why Plextor dares to price their drives so much more than comparable drives from other companies like Benq, Lg, Nec, etc… And I would agree that it may be too early to base judgement. However, I think that most of the members here are intelligent enough to see a good vs. bad drive early on as well. Besides, most reviews good or bad these days are almost always partial in some form or another. A grain of salt for now. Review or not, Plextor please justify your pricing scheme versus other competitors. Remember, you’re no longer the king of quality that was so synonymous way back then. If any members can afford to purchase the drive and take it for some serious spin. Post back with some result scans. Later.

Looks good to me. And I still don’t see where the 760 is priced so much higher than other comparable [B]retail[/B] drives…

what’s with the hatred toward 716a? my functions just fine, especially burning MKM-001 2.4x DL @ 6x.
However the 760A does seem a bit underwhelming right now.

There is no hatred, I kept both of my 716As. I just don’t use them much. 716A works for most media, but it’s an average-quality writer and it does burn discs that make ugly scans more often than some drives that cost less than 1/2 of its price. 760A doesn’t look like an improvement upon 716A’s performance. [I know, future firmware might get rid of all the warts… been there, heard that twenty times, never happened, it’s still an average, unremarkable drive not worth any premium.]

On sale now at newegg with FREE shipping (limited time!) = $105.99

Have any Canucks seen the Plex 755 or 760 anywhere in Canada yet?

you cant compare scsi drives to IDE drives. And in the past, Plextor drives were much better than any drives out there, not just in quality, but craftsmanship and customer support, and 8 meg of buffering cache comparing to 512kb of cache of the competator drive. But now the competators have caught up with plextor so I dont see the reason why paying 2 times more for the drive that is only marginly better than a BenQ drive. And if you are comparing the scsi price of the plextor drive in 2000 to today, then why dont you wait till blue ray or HD-DVD drive comes out and make a comparision since in 2000, the optical drive was relatively new as to the blue ray and hd-dvd drive in a few months