Plextor 760A bad perfomance at x16 speed

Hello all and thank you in advance for your help.
I recently bought a Plextor 760A. I flashed it with the latest firmaware (1.04) and I decided to do a couple of burns to see the results. I must say that I was very happy with my 716A and the reason that I went ahead with 760A was that I saw that many people were saying that 760A was better in burning at high speeds than my 716A.
I did my first test with a That’s DVD+R x16 (YUDEN000 T03 000 (00). It took 14 minutes to finish burning at 16x speed. Well I said I have to try again. Same media, same result, another 14 minutes.
Then I said why not try some Maxell. I used a Maxell DVD-R 16x (MXL RG04).
This time it took 11 minutes to finish burning at 16x speed. I burned another maxell and the same thing…11 minutes.
All the burnings were made using Nero 7 burning rom, latest edition. My Plextor 760A has a TLA 0000 and the Autostrategy is set to Auto Selection and Power Rec is enabled.
Just for your information I burned the same movie with my Pioneer 111D at x16 speed with a That’s DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03 000 (00) and it took 6:12 to finish the burning.
Any ideas what is happening?..bad burner?
I would appreciate your help, especially if you have experienced such a problem or you are familiar with it.
Thank you!

Check the AutoStrategy mode in PlexTools.

Have you enabled DMA?

@Two Degrees
What is exactly that I should check in Autostrategy mode? I said it is set in Auto Selection.
Yes, DMA is enabled.

I have been burning Verbatim DVD-R/DVD+R [MCC03GR20]&[MCC004] @16x/18x acheiving times hovering around 5 mins 15 secs. Scans (PTPXL,Kprobe2,DVDinfopro) all indicate superb burns on my Plextor 760A 1.04! I am most pleased and would recommend it. I hope you can remedy your issues. Unfortunately only suggestion I can make is did you burn any of that media with older firmware? IF so Autostrategy may have created write strategies that are now ‘outdated’. It is recommended that AS database be deleted when changing firmware. Good luck!

There a couple of things you can try. Delete the Auto stratagy data base in Plextools then reflash your drive, see here: Important notice when upgrading the firmware of the PX-716x, PX-755x or PX-760x. Or you can turn off auto stratagy and burn another disc. If it burns @16 or 18x (depending on the media) then it’s a software/Plextools issue. Let us know.:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help. I’m away for the weekend. Monday after work I’ll do some more testing and will let you know.
It came with firmware 1.00 and I flashed it to 1.04 right away. Didn’t use any previous firware. All my burns were made with 1.04 f/w.
I will read the article. It seems strange though because the recorder just came out of the box, brand new, and it should not contain anything in the database, before and after the firmware change. I will let you know if I got lucky or not!
I also wait an answer from Plextor. See what they have to say.

Well it seems that my 760A hates burning at 16x. But it prefers to do well at 12x…go figure. The guys from Plextor did not reply up to date and I do not think they ever will. Any how since I will get a new hard disc for my pc I’ll do a format anyways and see what happens. Till then I will burn at 12x and get my back ups at around 6-6:30 minutes.
Thanks for your input!

Try some different burning software. Nero 7 seems to act weird with the 755 and 760.

Can you tell other good software for burning instead nero ?

imgburn 2.1 : free and lots better!