Plextor 760A 18X drive at Newegg

For you Plextor DVD users, the 760A is at Newegg. € 91,00

yeah and i ordered that sucker thurs i think. says it will be here monday… ive been waiting on this one…

Let us know what you find that burns at 18X. My understanding is they have a lot of trouble finding media and the time saved comes down to seconds.

Of course we said the same thing about 16X a while back. :slight_smile:

At least all 16x TY, MCC, and Maxell can be burn at 18x – YUDEN000T03, TYG03, MCC004, MCC03RG20, MAXELL003, MXLRG04.

And we still [B]HAD[/B] to have it :slight_smile:

I am not disputing you, but Plextor reported a considerable amount of trouble finding suitable media and all those media codes were readily available.

Maybe they modified the hardware. In any case, we shall see. I would guess we will see a ton of these in the next year as manufacturers rush to sell something new. That and a move towards some SATA drives.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve done a couple @ 18x. See here. Posts # 1977/1978/1979 & 1981. These are with MCC 004 & YUDEN000 T03. Interestingly MCC 03RG20 comes up as 16x max.

[B]Not all [/B] :sad: , see below:

Oops sorry guys, my fault. :o Thanks for the correction zebadee and DVD_PREDATOR.

After checking again, it looks like there are currently only four media that are supported at 18x in PX-760 fw 1.01: YUDEN000T03 (DVD+R), MCC004 (DVD+R), TYG03 (DVD-R) and MXLRG04 (DVD-R).