Plextor 760

i need one of these drives , i know they havent been released yet but does anyone know how much it will cost in the UK :bow: im currently using a nec 4550 and a 3520 but i know the 3520 is gonna need changing soon thats as soon :smiley: as i can get a plextor 760 :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Probably somewhere between two and four times as much as your NEC 4550.

If Plextor decides to replace the 755 with the 760 it will cost the same or less than a 755. If the 760 is not a replacement but a bigger brother to the 755 then the 760 will cost more than the 755. Maybe up to 25% more, depends on what they add.

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Prices for Plextor 760 in the UK are expected to be around £85 oem & £90 retail. When available of course the exchange rate may affect this.
The 760 will be the flagship with the 755 its underling.

thanks for the heads up people and of course zebadee

Hello to the Plextor experts !

Except for the price and this useless 18x P-CAV DVD writing speed
what are expected to be the real differences between the PX-760 and the PX-755 .

Are there going to be many differences in the hardware: chipset, PUH, manufacturing place (Japan, China), . . .

No one knows yet.

There is one interesting difference to be found on the japanese homepages of both products: The 760 features “advanced intelligent tilt” whereas apparently the 755 does not. This might indicate a different PUH.

I’ve summed up my wishes in the suggestions to Plextor thread:

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I took the 755A. After reading on some times, I couldn’t see much of a difference. 760 will burn on DVD-RAM (I don’t need this), and burn 18x DVD’s. But going from a Plextor 708A to a 755A is a big step for me. No need for 18x burnings smiles, man I can already do 16x burnings :cool:

And the chipset are equal on both drives, so I hope to see more or less the same features on both drives.


Hi :slight_smile:
Moef, I don’t think you’re missing out on much. The 755 is a supertweaked 716. The 760 is a new chipset & will on recent evidence, take several f/w upgrades to reach its best. As far as 18x goes. 716s’ still stick to 12x with most 16x media. Perhaps the 760 will actually reach 16x with 16x media.
N.B. Chipsets from same manufacturer, but AFAIK different. Although both chipset will support RAM read/write, I believe only the 760 will actually have this function.
Edit:My belief is misplaced see next post. :doh:
Thanks eltranquil :clap:

No, the 760 won’t burn DVD-RAM… link

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Hmm… strange, I’m pretty sure that I saw it could. But maybe they that changes the specs?

:disagree: No, no, I’m sure… probably you confused it with the 750 drive. :slight_smile:


I’m confused everytime, My mind is playing tricks on me :o

Must be what the old man here has read.

Hi :slight_smile:
Could be in some review when talking about the new chipset some confusion has crept in. The chipset is RAM capable, as is the chipset used in the 716. Although never used.

Right, but then specifications are subject to change, as every manufacturer will tell you.

It was the folks at cdrinfo that brought up that rumour by writing “As we’ve seen from the drive’s specs though, the 755 does not support any DVD-RAM functions and DVD-RAM will most probably be available in the 760 version.” in their review of the 755. (see Maybe they have some inside info.

Actually me thinks the 18x writing quality issue is a pretty lame excuse from Plextor for withholding the 760. I mean they simply could have added it later by firmware upgrade if this was an issue of writing strategy or media quality. The fact that they withheld the drive itself indicates different reasons IMHO. Given that all major brands are now offering multi drives with RAM support the 760 looked a bit outdated right at the start. Adapting RAM means additional firmware code and probably a new PUH too.

Basically i think the 755 is the 760 as it was planned minus the 18x speed. We’ll have to wait and see if Plextor really reworks the ‘new’ 760 and with what functionality. However i think ‘only’ offering an additional 18x over the 755 would be a waste of money for a product launch.

I discovered that Liteon released a new burner, the 1635, after a month… I was confusing it with the older 1653:doh: It’s not so easy with all these numbers. :bigsmile:


it could be (and it would be nice to have a “real” Plex with DVD-RAM support), we’ll see.
I don’t think so, but I may be wrong: you know a lot more about that than me, probably. :wink:


How come I don’t see the 755 on Plextor’s site?

try europe division

btw, i hope plextor won’t be greedy to block the pxscan from working with 760a & they should offer plextools xl as freely available for 760a

Why should they make the 760 compatible with pxscan? Pxscan is a knock-off of plextools. Also, I believe xl is the ‘retail’ full version. Just like so many OEM softwares have LE or SE versions and you have to pay to upgrade to get the bells and whistles, why should Plextor be different?

Pxscan is a knock-off of plextools.

  • you don’t know the meaning of that word
  • you have never written a single line of code, have never followed this story and have never performed a full q-check on plextor drives before 2nd Jun, 2005 (+/- one day).

There is no other explanation why you could possibly write such bullshit

Why should they make the 760 compatible with pxscan?
That question doesn’t make any sense.

BTW has anyone looked at the first 64 bytes of the PX755 Firmware 1.01 bin file in a hex editor? :slight_smile: