Plextor 760 sa firmware opinions

Hello to everyone

I’m a new member on this forum and definetly have a lot to learn from you guys so a bit of advice would be much appreciated here.
I’m thinking of purchasing a plextor 760 sa. My previous experience with plextor (755a)wasn’t what i was expecting but that should be my mainboards fault (gigabyte dq6 rev 1.0 with bios updated to f9 CONTROLERS: INTEL ICHR8 & JMICRON.) and plextors firmware 1.06 but anyway that’s not the issue here.
And here goes the question, which firmware on your opinion and of course experience should be appropriate to use for this drive based on the hardware descirbed above.

Thanx in advance.

Thanx for the feedback it was quite enlightening :clap:

Hi Cain

In general, you should always upgrade to the latest firmware (1.06 for the Plextor 760)and just test which media suits you best and stick with that brand.

You should also check the mainboard vendor’s website for compatibility issues with SATA optical drives. My experience is that Marvell and JMicron SATA (and even PATA) controllers are [B]NOT[/B] compatible with optical drives.

If you are still unsure, I would recommend buying the IDE version instead!
This works on just about any hardware!

Good luck with your buying decision!

I have the DQ6 and have both the Samsung 183 sa and the plextor 755SA, both on the Jmicron Controller with no problems. Always waite a few days before using the Latest and “Greatest” firmware. Check some of the forms to find out if if is infact better than the previous version.

It depends.

The 712SA used IDE to SATA bridge with a JMicron chip. The 755/760SA have a Marvell on the PCB.

So the hardware used is most likely not the problem. The problem often lies with the manufacturer who used the chip to build a controller and did not choose to add ATAPI support into the firmware.

Thanks for the answers.Just bought it but things are not so good as promised by a plextor burner :a .I tried the latest firmware 1.6 and connected it to Jmicron and Intel ICHR8.Results:With j micron on ide mode by bios and driver using Verbatim media erasing is fine??? But aftewards access time for erased media takes to long and if i try to force it windows explorer shuts down causing delay to my system.With Intel s ICHR 8 on AHCI mode on bios (with pre installed driver) and same media ripping with dvd shrink is impossible.
My NEC 7170S though does the job(apart from EAC) on both controllers with any media.I’m concidering an RMA request but is it worth it ?Because plextors firmwares are not what? Even acceptable i think !
By the way i had the same problems with 755A.
Any proposals would be much appreciated because 120euros for a dvd burner is to much and especially if it’s not working properly. :frowning: :a

Thanx in advance

I am using DVD-burners from Plextor with SATA-interface since Oct. 2004 without any problems on boards with SATA-controllers integrated in different Intel-chipsets. Latest is the P965 of my Gigabyte GA-965-DS3P Rev. 3.3 mit Bios F5. Burner is the PX-760 with FW 1.06. The ICHR8-SATA-controller is configured as native and AHCI is enabled and installed. OS is Vista Ultimate 32-Bit. Im using the latest version of Nero and the Plextools Pro XL 3.12. I have no problems.

Try to get rid of any third-party driver that is not absolutely needed and rely on microsoft ones instead. Intels own IDE drivers, for example, are crap and their application-accelerator does no good either.

You can’t run ICHxR in RAID or AHCI mode without the Intel drivers…

Correct using XP. Vista has its own AHCI driver, which I have installed.

[QUOTE]You can’t run ICHxR in RAID or AHCI mode without the Intel drivers…

How can you do that ?

Anyway i downgraded the firmware to 1.03 to start with but it all ended to the same result.
Oh and i tried to geet rid off achi replacing it with raid but something went wrong and i have to format my hdd again.
So after i sort out everything i’ll certainly get back to you guys.

PS*So d**n difficult to make it work properly let’s see if it’s worthwhile.

you probably wont have to format and start again however that will be the cleanest option.

you could try going into the proterties via device manager and forcing it to select only the driver you want, dont let it search and see if that helps.

of course becareful of your bios settingsw as if you have it set for raid with no raid drivers then things will go pear-shaped fast !