Plextor 755SA: problem reading DVD video at 2x

I’ve just bought this drive because it’s got SATA and can read DVD disks at 2x quietly. Well it can and it’s as quiet as my 5 years old Panasonic DVD player or even quieter, hard to say, but this is true only when reading some of my disks. While reading other disks there is a noise coming out of a drive. The noise appears only when reading DVD menu or few first chapters, it sounds like a vibrational noise, it fluctuates and is quite annoying. There is no noise when reading last chapters. The standalone player and other DVD drives read the same disks without such problem. There are also disks that can be read without vibrational noise but there is definitely more noise when reading first chapters or the menu.

I thought there is something wrong with the disk balancing. This might sound crazy but I checked the drive using leveler, the noise became a little bit less annoying. Then I checked the tray, turned out that its right side is about 1mm lower than the left side when it’s advanced. I gently pushed the right side of the tray up a little and the noise were gone. BUT the same noise now appears when reading the disks that were read without any noise previously.

Anybody has an idea what’s going on? Is it that specific drive problem or could happen to any drive? Looks like there is something wrong inside the drive and I should replace it but I guess the same problem may appear with any 755SA drive.

you can use either plextools or anydvd or nero drive speed to set the speed read of your drive.

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