Plextor 755sa not burning DVD's


This is my first post, but not my first visit to this forum. I come here alot to figure out problems I have and always have found the solution by reading or searching the forums until now.

I bought a Plextor 755sa DVD burner about 4 months ago or so and it worked GREAT! I LOVED IT! Well I recently upgraded the firmware on it to 1.05 and since I can’t burn anything not with cloneDVD, nero or even just dragging to the plextor drive. At first I thought it was maybe just the firmware so I installed the older verstion 1.04. Same problems. I tried about 3 different DVD’s (TY G02) thinking maybe I just got a bad batch of DVD’s. But my husband tried a burn with the same DVD I just tried and it worked for him on his HP burner.

I’m pretty sure it’s the plextor drive because no matter what burning sofware I try it won’t burn.

One thing that is odd (I thought anyway) is when I use CloneDVD now since the upgrade of the firmware, it makes it all the way through the process until it gets to the writing part, it freezes up and the ONLY way I can shut it down is by turning off my PC manually. The task manager won’t even shut it down.

I have XP pro, p4 3.6, 1g memory.

If I left anything out or if you need more info, please let me know and I will try to give you the info.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!

Hi hma95 and welcome to CDF. You might try this first off: Important notice when upgrading the firmware of the PX-716x, PX-755x or PX-760x. then reflash your drive. If that doesn’t work please post a Nero burn log so we can have a look at the error.:slight_smile:

Thanks crossg!

I have tried that, but I am at work currently. Maybe for some reason it just didn’t take, but if it does the same thing again, I will try to delete it in device manager and reboot, have windows install it again and see if that will work.

When I get home tonight I will post what happens.

Thanks again crossg!



First I went into safe mode and updated the firmware that way, still wouldn’t work. So I deleted the AS database, rebooted to safe mode and tried to flash it again, rebooted, still didn’t work! OK, NOW I’m getting frustrated. Out of curiosity I checked my task manager just to see what was all running and MAYBE something interfering with it when it was trying to burn. The only thing I had running was kodak easyshare update manager, which you don’t even know is running because it’s not in the system tray. Anyway, I turned it off (didn’t even reboot), tried to burn, once again, another dvd and IT WORKED!!! :eek: I couldn’t BELIEVE IT!

So, needless to say I went into msconfig and made sure it will never start up again!

Thanks again for your help crossg!

I guess just goes to show what havoc some software can cause!


Thanks for sharing that info.:slight_smile:

My Plextor Stopped working again!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

I don’t know what else I can do. I checked all the cables and power to the drive. The light on the drive doesn’t blink any error codes.

Everytime I try to use the nero cd/dvd speed tool or plextor tools to check the drive out it freezes up on me and I can exit the programs using task manager (which tells me the program is not responding) but then nothing else will work on my PC and I have to shut it down manually. Both programs will read the blank DVD I put in the drive (TY g02).

I don’t understand it, it worked fine as per my above post and I haven’t downloaded anything or put any new programs on my PC. I’m so fustrated I’m at the point of throwing it out the window and buying a new DVD burner.

Anyone have these problems or have had this problem and found a fix?

Thanks in advance for any help!


P.S. Plextor is no help!

No one has any ideas of what maybe going on? Or if I should just toss it and get a new different burner? If so, what one? I hear the BenQ is good.

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated. I’m at wits end with my plextor!



Ok, I finally found a place on the web that had the old 1.02 firmware so I was able to flash it back and it’s working like charm!! I don’t think I will EVER update my firmware for plextor again!

I tested it out burning a backup DVD and did a PI/PO test with plextortools pro and these are the results. After reading some of the posts on the forum I turned off my AS for the burn and burned it at 8x. I’m pretty new to the scans so any feedback you have about the scan would be great!


You may have the same problem I do. If I try any firmware past 1.02 the drive will sometimes veg out right at the start of trying to burn a DVD. 1.06 (supposed to be released before end of Sept.) should have a fix I hope. I’m making good burns with 1.02 so I suppose it’s not a big deal - just frustrating!

Your PI/PO scan looks good by the way.


yep,scan looks good.

Thanks for the reply’s!! I was getting SOOOOOOOOOOO fustrated with both the 1.05 and 1.04 firmware, Glad to hear there working to fix the problems with the 1.06! Hopefully that version will WORK. One thing for sure, I’m never getting rid of the 1.02 again!!

Thanks again!