Plextor 755SA firmware 1.05

I have a plextor 755SA. When I had firmware 1.02 I had zero problems, I could burn anything. I upgraded to 1.05 and then the problems started. I could burn most things, byt it will not burn any ISO files. It gets to about 5% then stops everything single time, no matter what software I use. So I tried firmware 1.04 and the same thing happens, it will not burn ISO files. I went back to firmware 1.02 and it was fine again no problems. Are their known issues with these two newer firmwares and ISO files?

In this thread you’ll find that some guys have problems burning iso files with the SA model since FW 1.04. Apparently that bug has not yet been fixed in 1.05 but is known to Plextor.

It may have more to do with the burning software you’re using. Try updating it to the latest version.

I’ve tried Nero 6 Nero 7 and Easy DVD creator all of them do it with firmware 1.04 or 1.05 If I go back to firmware 1.02 its fine…

I am using the PX-755SA FW 1.05 together with Nero without any problems. The last Iso-file I have burnt was Windows Vista RC1.

Its funny you mentioned vista rc1 because that is the very iso I am trying to burn. With firmware 1.04 or 1.05 it wouldn’t burn it, it just stops burning at 5% everytime. If I revert back to 1.02 it burns perfectly fine…go figure…