Plextor 755a read but not writing on Vista



I have a problem writing data but not photos using Easy CD Media Creator V.9 on Vista on a Plextor PX-755A DVD- CD -drive.

Any ideas? I downloaded Plextools LE to see if that might tweek something, but it hung up and I had to reboot to clear the Plextools window.

I have the latest drivers for the 755A.


Changed heading to correct spelling of Plextor.


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Can you please explain what you mean by “data”? Anything written to disc is basically ‘data’ but is there some feature of this Roxio software that differentiates pictures from data?

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Yes the Roxio Easy Media Creator has different programs for photos and for data disks. The photo program works. The data, meaning files and folders, looks like it reads and burns, but bombs out at the end and just hangs without completing.

I was hoping someone had encountered this problem and knew a fix by now.

I started the post in the wrong forum and changed when it was pointed out.