Plextor 755 to 760

Is possible crossflashing?

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There have been no reports of successful 755 -> 760 crossflashes, IIRC.
But the firmwares are the same except for the 18x speed support anyway, so it doesn’t make a difference.

That’s correct. The 755A was originally intended to be the 760A, but it had too many problems burning at 18X, so they limited it to 16X and upgraded the design of the real 760A (which still doesn’t burn very well at 18X). Use your 755A at 12X or 16X max. with good media and be happy. :slight_smile:

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760 have also 8x -DL write, and high speed DL read.(16x)

Some minor hardware differences also, like a different motor in the 760. If you did manage to cross flash you would never achieve 18x anyway.

you can’t crossflash because the firmware are the same!

the limitation is harware not software this time.

if you don’t believe me just compare the bin files with an hexa editor and you’ll see.
reminder: 1.07 for 755A equals the 1.06 for 760A

That’s what I’d be interested in for the 755uf.