Plextor 750UF doesn't support RAW DAO 16?

I read the review of the 750A and noticed that the supported modes in the Nero InfoTool screen shot was different from what I got for the 750UF.
RAW DAO 16 was missing for the 750UF.

Is this difference between the 750A and 750UF due to the fact that it’s an external drive?

I went with the 750UF simply because it was one less item to have to transfer from the case whenever I upgrade.

If the internal version offers more features… time to either open the case or get an internal model.


So I had some more free time, so I decided to take the external drive apart and plug it in as an internal drive.
What do I get…
RAW DAO 16 still doesn’t show up in Nero InfoTool.
My drive is a 750A and it was manufacturered in Dec 2005.
TLA #0001
Did Plextor change the drive specs after the review for the 750A was released?
I upgraded to firmware 1.02 (from the german site, since the US site doesn’t have it).