Plextor 750 ejects all empty CD/DVDs



Just bought a Plextor 750. While it is recognized ok in XP and in Nero 6x (lates), when i try to record a CD or DVD it ejects the media telling me i should insert an empty one ! 3 different brands.

I have checked the cable and it is ok (included) and i also put a NEC dvd recorder and works ok.

Any ideas ?



RMA, return the drive to the vendor and get it replaced by a new one.


Try Nero 7, perhaps yours 6 version does not cope with 750.


I have the same problem :frowning: The drive won’t recognize media like MCC-004 Verbatims, Sony (16x DVD-R, I don’t remember the MID) but it works just fine with some really cheap ones (e.g. Raxon) - for this reason I can’t just return the drive.
After I burn those discs on my laptop, the 750 will recognize and read them without problems.
Do you think it’s “normal” for this drive (i.e. it doesn’t like certain discs), or it’s defective?

I’m thinking to buy a real Plextor, the PX755 seems nice… but will I feel any improvment?