Plextor-740UF burn error

Hi There,

I’m kind of new to the forums, but I just recently acquired an open box PX-740UF. I tried burning but got an error (I’ve attached the log file). I was wondering if anyone could let me know what the errors mean and whether or not I should crossflash to the BQ1640.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

PS, I’m using Staples brand DVD+R. I just tried another burn and the drive just got in the zone and wouldn’t stop. I had to power it off after burning for a half hour!

I noticed this thread:

I used a friend’s old external once, the make was Mad Dog, I have no idea what model, but it was able to burn the Staples DVDs just fine.

Any suggestions? Attached is the second log.

Log-02.txt (11 KB)

What is the media ID and what kind of project are you trying to do? Would first off recommend updating to latest Nero and retry.

Would then recommend testing with Nero tools if it still fails. Do a ‘create disc’ with a blank disc of the same type. If the disc does not write, scrap the drive. Tools generally takes all app related stuff out of the picture. The log does not show any media related errors. The drive could be bad but the errors could also be in the app. The first error returned is 05 24 00 illegal command-Invalid CDB. Could be the drive is not responding to the command. Also saw another command e9h with an error indicating an invalid op code. I don’t believe there is such a command.

I was using Staples brand DVD+R burning mostly data(divx/avi) files. Someone else suggested updating the firmware from Plextor’s website and getting better media. I did both and it worked!

Here is the log file for the first successful burn with Memorex DVD+R:

and I was able to burn with the Staples media as well:

What exactly do the Nero Tools determine? Should I still run a few tests just to see if the drive is up to par?


Nero won’t do the quality checks on the media, but you can do the write and read transfer tests. If the drive is able to write to the full disc at maximum speed, you have a baseline for future interface and drive issues. It’s great as a stand alone app when you’re having intermittant write or read problems.