Plextor 740a learning media?

I have had a plex 740a for a while, still running plex firmware (never got around to flashing it to a benq). So I recently got a bunch of cmcmagm01 cheap. they didn’t burn well on my samsung, and were a little bit questionable on the plex. I was going to move on to the next drive (trying to find one that likes the cmcmagm01), but I noticed that after a few burned disks, the burns are getting better. I did some searching and found little, but it was said the plex firmware is not learning. I seem to recall some time back, someone running a plex with plex firmware for a while, then flashing to benq, and the learned media counters were not at 0 (as if the drive had been learning media while being ran with plex firmware).

Can anyone confirm if the plex 740a can learn media? If it can then the burns are getting pretty good and I’ll throw a few more disks at it to see how it does. If it doesn’t then the burns must be inconsistent, so I’ll move on to another drive. Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK the Plextor 740a can’t learn media. Crossflash your drive to the official Benq 1640 firmware then you’ll be able to use Qsuite 2.1.

ok ripit i give up flash it and let us know :bigsmile:

YaY, go for it ripit. When you use QSuite, I found the best options are: disable solidburn on known media (OS off). Unless I dont want to burn 2.4X Verb DL media at 2.4X, then I turn on the speed, for the rest of the media, I leave it as default

Unfortunatly, I dont have the time to find the best firmware, figure out how to do it etc. My only 2 running computers are hacked. Had windows activation problems, had to take images and forcibly install with all new hardware (might have illegally swapped licience codes, but both are quite legal copys and installs, I just swapped them… In otherwords, I had to swap installs between computers (and yes that means total driver caios!!). I’m still running that on those 2 computers (fixed several things, but of course a reinstall would fix everything, I just cannot do it now).
Right now, I have an htpc in a lanboy case, and my 6300 in an antec/ whatever case, thats all that is running… I got a couple of athonxp’s that would run fine (finally got a water cooling issue resolved yesterday, compusa, warranty, need I say more?

I wouldn’t want to imply that compusa fixed anything, after months of dealing with compusa, koolance was reasonable on the issue, and went out of thier wat to resolve it (sorta).

It’s not hard to crossflash your drive to the official Benq 1640 firmware. Just take a look at the BQFlasher thread. You can get the firmwares from this site but you’ll have to use internet explorer to view the site. And you’ll need to join that site to get the firmware.

You can also use the WinDWFLasher program as well but would need to use the firmwares that are in cvt files. That above website has the cvt firmwares.

I’m not afraid of cross flashing. My first good drive (still in service, right above my newest drive, a samsung), is my good old 851s@832s…I got an aopen (actually it was a microadvantage that was cross flased to an aopen 1608 and then again cross flashed to an aopen 1616… And here is the really unbelievable one, my maddog 3500 is still running 2fc firmware (I still have a lot of old media and that firmware just totally rocks, it burns anything). I didn’t cross flash that because many of the the modified firmwares were baseded on 2fc if I recall right (and it like, dont mess with a good thig, this drive rocks!!!)…

To make a long story short though, right now, I have two kids, and all I have time to flash is my ass when my 2 year old runs out the door (he can open door knobs and open the deadbolt), and I might have ran out neked at 4am to retrieve him…Damn kids wake up at the damdest times…Its a challenge to just change drives and test (give it a week or two, I’ll get through the other two drives… As far as cross flashing, I dont even have a stable computer for it(no time to reinstall, due to activation problems on a seriouslylegal (retail bought copy in fact), copy of xp, I had to switch thing arond ands am now working on hacked systems.

Maybe some help needed… :smiley: You’ll find WinDWFlash in my signature. Adding free copy of BSLB.cvt*. :wink:

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:wink: Get those toddler safety plastic coverings for the doorknobs so they can’t open doorknobs and deadbolt the doors. They work wonders! :wink:

He cannot reach the top deadbolt (it has 2) but I forgot to lock it. I usually keep a pretty close eye on him though (hes always getting into trouble).