Plextor 740

My drive will only read and write at 2x no matter what software is used.I have dma enabled and Iam using Ty 8x media.The drive is only 2 months old and this problem started about a week ago,before that all was well.What can I do to fix this??I need more speeeed!!!

We will need more information, like what type of drive and firmware and what software are you using? What are the specs of your setup and make sure you are using the Microsoft default drivers on the secondary channell if that is where your drives are.

The drive is a 740a and I have not updated any firmware since getting the drive 2 months ago.Software is Dvd decrypter,Dvd shrink,Alcohol120% and nero.Dma is enabled under device manager.Pc is 2.4 celeron,512 ram,80g hard drive,Winxp home.

Check the burst rate using Nero CD-DVD Speed. You need a non-blank DVD inserted in your PX740. You should get above 22MB/s.

Burst rate was 3mb and average speed was 2.2x.

Check this guide to troubleshoot DMA and please report back.
Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x

I updated the firmware to 1.02 and all is well!!!