Plextor 740-a

Is this a new plextor drive just saw it on newegg websit PX740-A ?

It’s a rebadged BenQ DW1640. Read the BenQ Thread…

It is new, but it’s a BenQDW1640 with a Plextor sticker on it. If you want a good drive, get the BenQDW1640 and skip the Plextor 740–plus you’ll save all that money over the 740. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I can get the 740A for a very good price here. Would there be good reasons to pass, and buy a 1640 instead? What are the important differences in features between the two offers, Benq’s and Plextor’s?

Buy the BenQ branded drive and get all the tools, scanning capabilities and firmware updates.
Buy the Plextor rebadge of the BenQ drive and get the shaft… :doh:

Seriously though, once you crossfalsh there isn’t a bit of difference other than you just hosed your Plextor warranty…

BenQ offers the SolidBurn feature with the latest firmware … according to Plextor, the 740A won’t offer this feature.

My choice would be the BenQ anytime …

After some research since I posted here, that’s what I needed to know :slight_smile: - I hope you’re right! :bigsmile:

Thanks to all :slight_smile:


I just bought a px740-a and installed it and put a dvd in to play it and it will only play for about 5 mins and the screen freezes, but the audio keeps going for another minute and then quits. Any Ideas anyone. I have the window media player. So, what is up with this player anyone.

Your drive is in PIO mode. Enable Ultra DMA mode. Check FAQ for that

I have the new px740-a and It plays a dvd for about 5 mins and then the screen freezes up. Has anyone heard of this happening
thanks greek10

I went and check the master and the slave and the DMA is on both of them in the config under the primary and ide channel and secondary channel