Plextor 716SA Work With Dell Dimension?

Will the Plextor 716SA work with the Dell Dimension 4700 ?

Can you tell us the computer specs IE: hard drive space, CPU and Memory. The Minimum System requirements are 1.4 Ghz CPU, 256 MB of memory,1GB of free space for CD, 10GB for DVD and Windows 98SE as the oldest Operating System and you would require an add on S ATA controller. :slight_smile:

Yes it will work since Dell 4700 has a SATA controller. Check out for sata compatibility.

crossg, the newer dell 4700 is build with a minimum P4 2.8ghz. I bought 4 of them for friends, were on sale around $499-$600 with free 17" LCD (DVI/12ms). Price depends on memory, harddrives etc.

You will have to excuse my ignorance with Dell as the last one I owned was a 1.5 Ghz. 8100 Dimension. :confused:

There is nothing like build our own PC…with top material…:wink:

Yes! As in yes! I have had 4 Dells and presently have two that I have not given to my children. You are good to go.
be sure to uninstall all packet writng software

PS/ My 8400 with 0 raid SATA is very fast on DVD burns. I have had a 4500,4650,4600 and looking to get another. We have 200 Dells at work.
I use to build my own, but can not buy the parts for what I can get a Small Business Dell for on special.

Dell uses Intel Chipsets. The PX-716SA should work with ICH5/ICH6 SATA or Plextor is going to have a lot of incompatible drives returned to them.

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Thank you all for your help. The computer came with a DVD Rom reader only…so, does that mean there most probably wouldn’t be any packet writing software?

Plextor gives you Roxio Burning software with your new drive. Or you can download Nero trial version and see which is best for you. :smiley:

Hey RogerRog–I want to add my two cents here. I am a PX-716SA owner–my drive is installed in a Dell Dimension XPS Gen 3 system. My system uses an OEM Intel 925X motherboard with 4 SATA ports–almost identical to the OEM Intel 925XE motherboard used by the current Dimension XPS Gen 4. Like others have told you correctly, any Dell system with built-in SATA will work with the PX-716SA, because all Dell systems with SATA motherboards and all Dell systems for that matter use Intel boards with Intel chipsets. And any Intel board with an Intel Xpress (915,925, etc) chipset will work with the PX-716SA. Here is what you must do: after you install the drive, go into your BIOS setup, and make sure the SATA port you hooked up the 716SA to is enabled–if it isn’t, enable it! My Dimension XPS Gen 3 required me to enable the port in the BIOS setup after installing the drive. Next issue: AHCI mode. My Dimension XPS Gen 3 came with the SATA controller in AHCI mode, and the SATA controller using Intel drivers (Intel Application Accelerator/Matrox Storage Driver). The PX-716SA drive works fine in AHCI mode, however, on my Dimension XPS Gen 3 system, incompatibility problems occur because of AHCI mode and the Intel driver required for it. The incompatibility is a blue screen of death error (STOP 0X00008086) caused by some programs (i.e. pxscan) that depend on ASPI–these programs appear to cause the Intel driver to treat the 716SA as a hard drive, and hence the blue screen error. To avoid this problem, don’t use these programs (pxscan and Kprobe–Kprobe is used by some users like myself who have a Liteon drive in the same system), or reinstall Windows XP and all of your drivers and software after switching the SATA controller to ATA mode in the system BIOS. Switching this controller to ATA mode allows Windows XP to use standard Microsoft drivers with the SATA controller–doing so solves the blue screen/incompatibility problem because the Intel SATA driver is no longer used and the SATA controller emulates a regular IDE controller so compatibility is no longer an issue.

Hi RogerRog: as for packet writing software, your system shouldn’t come with any of this software because you didn’t get a CD/DVD burner with the PC. Just remove any Sonic software, if you have any. There is an annoying Sonic program (I forget the name) that Dell put on my system that can cause a problem–but I removed it prior to installing the PX-716SA. The program is not Sonic RecordNow, or MyDVD, but the Sonic program that loads on startup and is memory resident. So if you have Sonic MyDVD or RecordNow, you don’t have to remove it, but to be on the same side, it is best to remove all the Sonic software.

RogerRog: just did a quick search of this forum and found the name of the offending Sonic program that Dell likes to preinstall. It is Sonic DLA. Check for Sonic DLA–if you have it, remove it prior to installing the PX-716SA. Others who posted in this forum had this software cause major problems with the 716A, so no doubt, if you have this software installed, it could cause a major problem with your 716SA install. Removing any other Sonic software is not necessary.

I have a dell 4700 and the 716sa. Plex tools cannot write to the 716sa. I called dell and they said the SATA ports only support hard drives. So, how did you all get the 716sa to work with the dell 4700?

That does not sound right! That is an Intel MOBO and it will support it! Call again and get a different person and also call/e-mail PLEX. He probably thought you were trying to hook an IDE device to a SATA.
Update your BIOS at DELL. And WINDOWS update at MS.