Plextor 716SA painfully slow!

Hi everyone…I recently purchased the Plextor 716SA. Last night, I finally had everything setup and decided to do a test copy - I was floored when I saw the drive copying data onto a 8x DVD+R at 3x! Tried CD-Rs as well and was getting only 24x instead of the advertised 48x. I am currently running Win XP SP2 on an Asus A8V mobo. I did read there are compatibility issues with some motherboards and this burner. I don’t believe the media used is the issue here - been using Maxell and Verbatim to test with…

My question is: Does anyone out there have this SATA burner working perfectly on an ASUS A8V board? From what I can tell, only the VIA controller is compatible with it - the promise controller can’t even see this burner at all! I am so fed up right now that I am thinking about just tossing out this Asus board and buying something else!!

Any tips, help, etc would be GREATLY appreciated!!! I just want to burn my movies and music at the quickest possible speeds.


The VIA controller can only use the drive in PIO mode. You need to get a pci SATA card (for example the Adaptec 1205SA) to get the burner to use DMA.