Plextor 716sa/716a - Pixmania and ship error

I ordered on a Plextor 716a. They sent me a 716SA instead. After reading many opinions and post up here, i’d like to ask you if it’s better to keep it or return it. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.

Which motherboard do you have? There is no hardware difference between the PX-716A and the SA but their interface is of course different. There have been a lot of reports of problems when using a S-ATA optical drive on a S-ATA chipset that was not designed to use optical drives. Check out this thread for contributions on which motherboards/S-ATA shipsets work with S-ATA optical drives such as the PX-716SA. If you let us known your motherboard we can perhaps give you some more information.

I have any serial-ata on my mainboard. Only IDE. Pixmania has made a mistake to me send the drive.

That is, have to buy a PCI controller. However, given that the substitution is a complicated thing by Pixmania (or returned complicated…) have to decide if hold the 716SA or wait quite a lot of time.

therefore, fundamentalally: it is better to hold Plextor 716SA - and - to buy controller a Pci, or the 716SA from such problems for which it is better that it strongly insists for one substitution?

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This is just my opinion.:slight_smile: If you don’t have an onboard S ATA controller you have to check out Plextors compatibility list to find a controller that they have tested(This from experience of reading on this forum will not neccessarily work with your motherboard) Lots of people have reported success with the S ATA compatibitliy and some have had nightmarish stories. I would just have them send you the proper drive, or you may be like me and like a challenge.:wink:

save yourself the hassle of compatibility issues and exchange it for the IDE version…

qu. why didn’t you tell us that right away? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, if I bought something and I got shipped the wrong product, which would require me to spend more money to get it to work, I would exchange it for the product I purchased in the first place. As said, the PX-716A and the PX-716SA are, from a hardware point-of-view, the same drive. Only their interface is different. Just my 2 cents, good luck!