Plextor 716al reject all discs



I just bought a 716AL and no matter what kind of blank or even the tools DVD that came with it gets spit right out. Support wants me to run diags on it but that requires a DVD to be loaded. Anyone else seen this?
I knew I should have bought the 716A. :doh:


I experienced the exact same problem with a PX-716A when they were initially introduced. It would not accept any DVD or CD that was inserted. Return the drive or have Plextor replace it.


I bought the AL and it did not do this to me at all. Probably an isolated issue. Just RMA it.


Disconnect the data cable and try. If it does it with just power applied, RMA.


I am having a similar but slightly different problem. All of my CD/DVDs work correctly with my 716AL but my Battlefield 2, Disc 3 CD, will not stay in the drive. Both of the other 2 CDs work fine but the third one will not. There are no scratches on the disc or anything and I have tried updating the firmware on the drive. Is my only option RMA?