Plextor 716AL question

I’m currently trying to rip a DVD using DVDShrink. It’s currently at the analysing stage of things and it is analysing at a slow speed of 1500KB/ps. Is this normal? I could have sworn my SATA Plextor 716 analyzes it within a minute or less.

Also is there any reason why PlexTools does not come with the AL version of the drive?

Why are you using DVD SHRINK to rip a disc? Use DVD DECRYPTER to rip to your hard drive first then use DVD SHRINK to compress. Rip in FILE MODE with DECRYPTER. :wink:

RTFM!!! DVD-Video reading speed with 716al limited to x2 by default!!! Just eject DVD then press and hold eject button for 3 sec untill green led blinking. That’s all. After reboot reading speed sets to x2 automatically.

You can use dvd shrink without dvd decrypter .

Dvd shrink is also a ripper…

Just click “open disk” instead of “open file”.

If you reset the plextor as stated in the post,
the analysing should take 2 minutes or less.

All updates of both shrink and decrypter have seized.

If you run into problems,
use DvdFab decrypter as a ripper.
It is updated regularly…

The reason Plextools isn’t included is that Plextor are a bunch of greedy hacks of late. They apparently figure either you’ll do without it or fork out the full $50+ for Plextools Pro.

That’s the US for you. The AL comes with PlexTools Pro in Europe.

you can also enable SpeedRead with DVD Decrypter :wink:

Whatever the reason is, it’s completely assinine because Plextor USA’s own website ( product detail says:

“AUTOSTRATEGY®. Writing technology for unknown media with uneven quality.”

And how, exactly, is one supposed to access Autostrategy without Plextools? You might, Nocturnal, want to email them that information (and the fact the Plex Europe includes it) and ask them what the answer is.

I took your suggestion and called Plextor (I live only 20 miles from there Fremont Calif offfices) and they just sent me Plextools Pro Rev 1, really nice on the phone and the guy said is going to look into the problem… :bigsmile:

fvbounty from BE? welcome to CDF!

…glad you had a good experience with Plex US tech support…a rare occurrence…

Thanks for the welcome, yes from BE and ABXZone, my experience with Plextor (Fremont Ca) has been good on a couple of occasion’s that I’ve talked to them very helpful… :iagree: