Plextor 716AL quality scans

where are they on this site? Does anyone own this drive yet? I’m expecting mine on Friday so maybe I"ll be the first to post one.

I’m ordering one shortly as well so I’d like to see them too.

The drive internally is the same as the 716A, with the same posted specs, so don’t expect anything different.

I don’t know if I should post my scans since they are not good. I burned a TY 01 and TY 02 with it and both were pretty bad. My $50 LG and Plextor 708 are much better. I"ll do a few more scans before I post anything. I’m already thinking about returning it for a refund.

Crap. I really want this drive :frowning:


What speeds did you burn the discs at? Were those DVD+R or -R (can’t tell from the rather ambiguous MIDs you provided)?

PX-716AL in South Korea costs 215,000 Won excluding tax and shipping. Over US$200. 4 times as expensive as LG GSA-4167B.

I burned a TY 4x dvd-r @4x and TY 8x dvd+r @8x. The 4x dvd-r had a quality score of 94 but the PIF total was over 5000. The 8x dvd+r was burning pretty well but the PIE was getting higher toward thes second half of the disc and rose to 260 towards the end. PIF was no higher than 6 until the every last 1% of the disc it skyrocketed up to 400!!! Sorry I didn’t post the scans. Mind you I never get the super great quality scans everyone else gets on this site. However, in comparison to my other dvd drives this is the worst burner I own. Then I think about what I paid for it and it drives me nuts. I list my burners according to preformance:

  1. LG 4163
    2)Plextor 708a
    3)Nec 3520a
    4)Plextor 716al

by the way, if anyone wants a used psp and 512 memory stick, my auction at is still at $150 with less than 24 hours to go.

Maybe you can think of the Plextor PX-716AL as a professional CATS-like scanner bought at a consumer PC drive price. Some people have said Plextor drives are the closest things to professional scanning devices. :slight_smile: (Not that I agree with that.)

It’s sad that it still doesn’t have IEEE 1394, USB 2.0, SATA, slot-loading, DVD-RAM, etc. all in one body even for so much.

A new PSP here costs US$300.

I’ve burned five dvd’s so far with 8x Taiyo Yuden dvd+r and it always turns out one of two ways: a beautiful scan with less than 100,000 PIE errors and around 200 PIF errors with a max. of no higher than 6 OR the exact same thing for the first 99% of the dvd and then in the final 1% the PIF spikes up to 300 or 400 hundred. This is really pissing me off cuz when it doesn’t do that insane PIF spike at the end of the disc it’s a great burn. Better than what my LG and NEC give me. So close to being a good burner and yet so far.

At what speed and are those printable disks?

burnt @8x and no they aren’t printable. it’s actually the sony dvd+r which are really ty 02.

To make sure the media wasn’t the problem I made 5 dvd’s with my LG 4163 and did a quality scan with Nero Cd-DVD Speed for every disc. Quality scores ranged from 97-99. Only one was 97 so the media is the it. I’m returning my burner. Looks like Plextor isn’t what is used to be.

That’s a shame. Probably can be fixed with a firmware upgrade but who knows. Very disappointing :frowning: