Plextor 716al and plextools

anyone here use this drive for the pif/po test in plextools? I’ve been using my Benq 1655 and Nero Cd-Dvd Speed for the last week and Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden give me scores in the upper 90’s usually. I just got Plextools and scanned some of the same dvd’s in my Plextor 716al and plextools shows wildly different results. i used sum 8 block so I could compare results with nero cd-dvd speed and a dual layer disc that nero reported to have 1600 pif total had 4000 pif total in the first half gig of the disc alone. This disc is over 7 gigs and second layer is always worse than the first so I’m guessing it would have reported over 40,000 pif errors. I cancelled the rest of the test cause it can’t possibly be right. Anyone else having issues like this? I’ll post the nero scan and run a full plextools scan and post it here in a while.

here’s the good:

I made a mistake and thought the pie was the pif test in plextools. still the results are a little different. does the max. pif really need to be below 4 for it to be considered a good burn? i got a max. of 7. I tried to upload it but it’s too large. anyway, max. pif of 7 and total pif of 2200.

You should save the generated graph as .PNG file, not .BMP because the latter is too big. See the Plextor FAQ for details (under the PlexTools section). About the PIF spike: most DVD players will be able to read single spikes just fine and most optical drives can handle those spikes as well. It could also have been a glitch in reading (remember that the generated errors are not physically on the disc but picked up during reading).

quality seems ok to me
i’ve written my statement here
here is my scanresult
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