Plextor 716A



Hi everybody, Im new to this site, looks interesting. I just installed a Plextor 716A in my Dell Dimension 2400. Its on the secondary IDe slot with my cd r/w drive. Now whenever I play audio through my cd r/w drive the audio is hosed up and it playes too fast. I tried switching the drives around and the problem follows. Which ever drive is plugged into the center connector on the IDE cable has the problem. Theay are both set to cable select and I tried switching to master/slave config, no difference. ANY HELP???


Have you tried replacing the cable? Also have you ensured that DMA is enabled for both drives?


First, thanks for the response. Yeah I tried putting back the original IDE cable and it made no difference so I put the 80 wire one back. The plextor drive says DMA is enabled and my cd r/w drive says PIO enabled but it gives me no other option in the drop down list. I have had some peple suggest that I put the cd r/w pn the primary IDE cannel with my hard drive.



Suggest that you leave them on the Secondary channel-

Check and see how the optical drives are set up in your bios-

Try removing the driver for the Secondary channel in Device Manager and rebooting - allowing (hopefully you have XP) to reset the channel and the devices - then recheck to see if DMA enabled-