Plextor 716A

I bought myself Plextor’s latest drive on a recent trip to the Far East. I wanted a double layer DVD writer, that would complement my Asus CD writer. Since the Plextor Premium was famously the only drive that could do SecuROM, I thought its successors would inherit those features… looks like I was wrong?! Using the “Plextor Premium” method in BlindWrite 5 doesn’t work, it tells me I don’t have a Premium. Duh. Is there any way round this? Or do I have to use another program? I already have made a BWA file.


You cannot use the Plex Premium method with anything other than a Plextor Premium CD Writer.
See Here and Here .

I doubt they would implement these features into DVD units, because in my view thats really the only good use of the Premium, and then you have to buy 2 units from Plextor, ya know?