Plextor 716A works I think but wont play on my home dvd player

I bought this PX-716A a year ago and never had any problems. I bought maxwell media 4x DVD+R media when I first purchase the burner, had no problems. Then I ran out of blank dvds, then I bought more maxwell 4x DVD+R, then I couldnt get any of them to work. So I went out and bought a 100 pack of Fuji 8X DVD+R, never had a single problem with that batch. Ok last week I finally ran out of those, so I went to Best Buy to buy more blank dvds. So I purchase 5 pack of 25 Fuji 8x DVR+8. I had nothing but coasters one after another with that batch of Fuji. So I went out and bought 2 packs of 50 Sony 8x DVD+R. I had no luck with them either. It will go thru the process of reading and burning to disc, but once i try and play it in my home dvd player, it always says “No Disc Error”. I just now went out and bought 25 pack of Verbatim 16x DVD+R and still says " No Disc Error" after ripping it to the disc with no problems. I thought it might have been my home dvd player, so I tried it in my other 2 dvd players and they all said “Please insert Disc”. Even tried playing it on my computer and it says “please insert disc” also. I even have the latest firmware, which is 1.08. Something needs to be done, getting very expensive for me because Best Buy wont let me return the blank dvd because they were open. Scared to death to buy more blank dvds, fear of not working either and thowing my money away. Does my Plextor len needs cleaning ?
Hate to throw it away since I paid $130 last year for it.

Hi topgun68, welcome to the Plextor forum.

First, the media that you bought were good choices - you should have had much better results than you seem to have.

Have you tried running quality scans on both the discs that work and the ones that don’t? It’s the only way to see what’s really going on when you burn a disc.

The FAQ can get you started with scanning and is here:

And this thread can give you some idea as to what to expect from various brands of media:

You can post your own scans there and seek opinions about what steps to take next. Good luck!

Strange problem since none of the players can recognize the discs afterwards. This leads me to believe that the problem is not related to a bad burn since these should still be recognized in a player but could result in playback problems. topgun68, may a stupid question, but are you perhaps performing a simulated burn? The discs you burned, look at their recording side and see if they were actually written. If not, double check your recording software and make sure you’re not performing a simulated burn. Report back please :wink:

I had no luck with those links.

Yes, they have written marks on the disc. I use DVD X Copy Express for my burning software.

??? :confused:

I just clicked them and those pages opened without problems…

They link to 1) this Forum’s FAQ where scanning is explained and 2) to a thread where members have posted their scans.

topgun68 have you tried using other recording software? DVD X Copy is outdated and was known to have some problems with Plextor drives if I remember correctly. I would suggest trying Nero or CloneDVD for burning DVD’s. You can download trial versions from the Internet and see if they make a difference. Let us know if this works!

I wonder if you have changed the book-type in Plextools?

My LG home DVD player will not play any DVD+R’s with book type set to DVD-ROM. For many players the reverse is true: they will only play them with the DVD-ROM book-type setting.

Its quite conceivable that you are inadvertantly doing burns with a different book-type setting and this could certainly cause the behaviour you describe.