Plextor 716a with dve decrypter and dvd shrink problem



hey everybody
how are you doing?
I have a problem with dvd
it was working fine until I reformated my computer
when I am trying to burn using dvd decrypter
my burning time is like a little more than one hour :frowning:
usually it took me 5 min
When starting to burn
the program is trying to full up the “buffer”
once it is done fulling up the “buffer”
the “buffer” went empty
and the “device buffer” keep moving up and down
I was thinking if it is because I am burning from a external usb harddrive file
thinking if my usb is set up to 2.0
I am not sure how to check if my usb drive is using 2.0 on my system
hope if someone could tell me how I could figure that out
I had checked the dma and it is dma-2
the firewire I am using is 1.09
now my dvd shrink
it ususally took me 11-23 min to rip a movie
now it took 1 hour or more
when rip the movie it showed that it will take me 11 min
but after a few second it started to increase the time number
and move all the way up to an hour
I am using windows sp2
my computer system is
1G crossair ram
sorry for long post
thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Welcome to CDFreaks.

PX-716A should be UDMA4. You can resolve the problem here: Troubleshooting: Enabling/Checking DMA in Windows XP, 2000, Me, 9x. Basically, in Device Manager you will need to delete the IDE Channel where your 716A is and reboot. Let us know how it goes.


hello thanks for the fast reply
so the PX 716 should be on the UDMA4?!?! goodness
but I tried to delete the ide channel
and it still go back to
the dma 2 :frowning:
then I checked my bios which was set at auto and they assign it to dma 2
u think I should change that to udma4?
also I have a pioneer dvd reader
u think that should be set up as udma4 as well?


are both drives on the same channel?
is plextor master or slave?


Are you using 80wire IDE cables aka Ultra66/100/133)?


try your 716 [B]alone [/B]as Master on the secondary IDE channel.


DITTO! Master to start! The 716 does not like being a slave on some systems!