Plextor 716A vs LG 4120

I’m a newbie in the DVD world but want to buy a
good dual layer DVD burner that will last for ‘a while’…
I have 2 choices for now:
Lg GSA-4120B
PLextor 716A (which is more expensive but don’t care)
I’d choose the Plextor but
I saw in some Plextor posts some ‘issues’ about
the 716A firmware…?? Is there a BIG difference
between both?
Any advises welcome.

You can’t comprare Lg GSA-4120B with px716A :confused: … If you want to campare the plexor drive you should compare it with Lg GSA-4163.

And i don’t think Lg GSA-4120B is dual layer so… :wink:

Ok Thanks, but my questions still are not answered…

As Noua said, it is not really fair to compare these two drives (The 4120 is dual layer though, 2,4 speed). Being available for some time now, the 4120 has proven to be a reliable drive producing high quality burns. The Plextor still has to prove that.

As you wrote, you don’t really care about the price, so the answer is easy … the Plextor is brand-new so it might ‘last for a while’. It has faster writing speed on almost any type of media compared to the 4120. The only downside is that it will not write DVD-RAM, which the 4120 does. You will probably know whether this is important for you. If you want to make it safe, wait a couple of days till the 716A review is up on this site.

If you decide to go for the LG, buy the 4163.

Thanks for the advise.
So what has the 4163 more to offer than the 4120?