Plextor 716A vs Benq 1620

Hi there,

tomorow I’m buying a new DVD writer (currently I have none).

These 2 seem to be the contenders.

What I need is a good audio reader/writer(with capabilities of reading copy protected audio) and a reliable DVD writer with good error checking. (I think that later I’ll buy a Toshiba to make backups of my copy protected games)

Can you give me some advice … I see that current Plextor firmware is not very good, do you think that can be corrected or is also an hardware flaw?

Both drives will do very well reading protected audio and then writing audio CDs. I have had excellent success backing up protected CDs with my own BenQ.

But Plextor is too expensive and has too many quality problems.

I say go with the BenQ.

I have two plextor’s and a BenQ as much as I like the plextors it’s the BenQ that resides in my primary computer.

I have both, and you can click the links in my sig for scans. The BenQ is still my most used burner, but the plextor has been getting much better with each firmware update. I’d still say, for right now, go with the BenQ. You won’t be unhappy.:bigsmile: