Plextor 716A still have these abilities?



Hello all…
Just a couple of questions. I have been very satisfied with my Plextor708A. No Plextools no extras, I just use the eject button to unlock the rip and then burn to HD and then write at 4X. I only use TY’s (sometimes Maxell, Japan only). But TY’s do better so no more Max’s when these are used up.
My questions - I only got into this hobbie a several months ago - are
1- If I purchase the 716A do I have to install the plextools or can I do without as I have with the 708A? (I’ll only use TY"s for blank DVD-R)
2 - Can the Rip speed lock still be defeated by holding the eject button and waiting for the 3 blinks as with the 708A. (Very important function for me)
I have read and read here and other places for weeks concerning these questions. I cant find info mentioned about the eject button working with the 716A and also I know everyone likes the Plextools but I’m not into the extra features all that much. Maybe I will a little later or if they are now an absolute must have.
Thanks for allowing me to join up here and I appreciate any help to the two questions.

  1. NO… but i (and most others) recommend you do to get the most out of the drives functions/capabilities and to have the most control over your burns

  2. YES.


Thanks so much for answering my questions.
I had about “googled” out.
I will do some more reading on the Plextools. Maybe I’ll grasp a better understanding and realize their importance. Guess it’s time to order now that 02/04 is available.
Thanks again,


you’re welcome. good luck, keep us posted.