Plextor 716A, Sony DRU710, Iomega external or LaCie external USB?

For a while I could not understand all the different threads on ‘what writer to buy’, seeing all these threads on top of this forum…but now I am considering one myself and it all became clear to me…

From what I understand is that the NEC ND35x0 is a top notch drive, rivaling with Benq for the number 1 position. I would prefer to get one and be done with it. However, my choices are fairly limited (got gift certificates for one particular shop that only has the four models mentioned in the subject of this thread).

My purpose for the drive is fairly simple, making backups of my data (long lasting) and possibly making backups of my DVDs (movies, cabaret and audio performances). I don’t care about game backups at all and for audio CDs I think I will stick with my Plextor and/or Yamaha CD writer.

Historically, my preference has always been a Plextor drive (SCSI if possible), but other drives get better reviews nowadays. External or internal is no issue, though the external drive allows me to take it with me (assuming it will also connection through USB 1 (at lower speed). Firewire is not (yet) available on my system, USB 2.0 is.

I could not find out what (rebadged) drive is used in the Iomega (Double Layer Super DVD+/-RW 16x USB 2.0 external) drive, so I have no idea what to compare this with. The LaCie (LaCie DVD±RW, Design by F.A. Porsche 16x) is said to have a NEC ND3500AG drive inside (at least, in the firewire version according to this review).

From what I have found so far, the LaCie appears the best of those four. Given the four options I have, what drive would be best for my needs? I plan on buying it on Wednesday morning, that leaves 2 days to vote :wink:

Finally, is there a way to know what drive is actually inside the external versions before buying it (in case this LaCie isn’t really a NEC)?

Many thanks for your replies, all help is appreciated!!

I use an external burner (USB 2.0). Same purposes as you have mentioned. An external burner is an optimal solution, especially when you move a lot and actually have more than one workstation. I don’t regret my decision, I am quite satisfied with the external burner.

Unfortunately you can not tell what is inside the “box”, i.e. burner brand. The firms - to top the problem - tend to change the brand in the “box” time to time. For instance Freecom uses Toshiba, BTC, NEC, Lite-On, Ricoh.

Thanks for your reply.
I found a CD Freaks review of a LaCie external casing drive here, but it is a different type and apparently uses an older version of the NEC drive (25x0).

I am liking the LaCie drive, but only if it has the Nec 3500 drive in it…and I know that in [url=www.fnac.bethe store where I have to buy it, will not be able to tell me.

I think the choice can be narrowed down to the internal Plextor and the external LaCie… (will the external drive also work on USB 1? at lower speed perhaps?)

Theoretically and practically it has to work, though evidently it will be slow. It can provide some ideas:

I just wanted to make sure it can work, in case I bring my external to connect it to another PC (my PC does support USB 2.0, so that shouldn’t be a problem).

If you decided with 716A or 761UF, make sure you get the TLA02xx (hardware revision 02). It fixes some major bugs in the hardware and now burns quite well, at least for some media I use (see my sig). Good luck.

Thanks all very much for your input.

When I arrived at the shop I found, to my surprise, that they also had the Benq 1620 in stock (no NEC), so my choice became very easy.

Now I can order some media and participate in the DVD backup frenzy :wink:

Again, thanks for your input.

Hm… I’m comparing the signatures of zevia and Da_Taxman. Both so informative but in so different ways. :bigsmile: