Plextor 716A slow writing Verbatim DVD+R 8x media



I’ve Plextor 716A and I’ve recently update firmware with version 1.04 Update (original shipped version was 1.03).

When burning Verbatim DVD+R 8x certified with Nero OEM, burning is taking as much as 25 min, which in fact means a burning velocity of 2x instead of 12x as showed in Nero.

Front LED in Plextor switches from green to yellow, and do not get permanent orange during recording like with CDs, which are burned at maximum speed of 48x without any problems.

Don’t know what could be the problem?


Very probably your drive is running in PIO mode and not in DMA mode. Check the drive settings in Plextools and consult the FAQ:


Direct link: My Plextor drive is burning and/or reading very slowly.

Why don’t people read the FAQ? There’s a reason why the FAQ is called “Plextor FAQ - Read this FIRST!:wink:


This issue with slow burning only happened after upgrading Plextor from version 1.04 to version 1.04 Update. Before that, Plextor was working in UDMA mode 4 and I’ve found that it had switched to PIO mode. So after removing the IDE Channel in Windows XP, on first boot, XP reconfigured again UDMA mode.

Thanks all for your help.


I always see this behaviour after flashing, for whatever reason it always seems to go back to PIO mode .


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This happens to me every time I burn an ultra-speed cd-rw in my Benq 1620A (never successful), which is a slave to the PX-716A! I have to reboot TWICE to fix it–windows thinks DMA is active, but the drive doesn’t. I’m thinking I need to separate the two drives.


Beeder, have you tried the following Microsoft workaround?;en-us;817472

Also, since you have a PX-716A and thus Plextools Professional, instead of the double reboot to get UDMA back for an optical drive, try the following:

  1. Within Plextools Professional, select the optical drive that WinXP bumped into PIO mode from the top left section (the drive can be Plextor or other brands.)
  2. Click on “Drive Settings” and the “Advanced” tab.
  3. Uncheck the “Enable DMA” checkbox. Answer “No” to the restart prompt.
  4. Check the “Enable DMA” checkbox. Answer “OK” to the “Enable DMA” prompt. Answer “Yes” to the restart prompt.
  5. Allow the system to complete the restart. The drive should be back in UDMA mode.

This procedure requires only 1 reboot to restore UDMA mode, so it’s faster than rebooting twice. It works quite well with my systems. Let me know if it works for you too.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t know there was a KB article on this one. I’ve done this before and it usually works, but out of paranoia I restarted twice–especially since my Plextools settings look like they had become corrupted (Autostrategy turned itself off!)