Plextor 716A Seem's Slow on Dvd Burn only?

Hi all,My Plextor 716a seem’s slow on dvd burns only,Dma is on all drives.
A 4gig burn in Alcohol 120 ISO Image,With a Memorex 16x Dvd,Will start off at like 3.8x and go up 4.5x,6.0x,7.0x,8.2x,9.0xand higher say around 11.x.Then drop to 3 or 4.5x,6.0x then 4.0x and stay at 4x the rest of the disk,taking 10min. or so to burn the disk.Is this normall for this drive with a 16x blank disk?Or do I have a setting wrong somewhere? Like I said DMA is on for the drive,and Alcohol is set for max Record??I just thought it would start burning at 3 or 4 and slowly build to 16 toward the end,not drop to 4 or 6x the rest of the way to the end?..Is this just the way it is?? Anyone


  • Download Nero CD-DVD Speed, put a blank Memorex 16x in your 716A and in Nero CD-DVD Speed go to Disc Info tab and let us know the MID.
  • Alcohol may not report the burn speed correctly. If the MID is supported at 16x it should start at around 6x not at 3.8x as Alcohol said.
  • 716A AutoStrategy and PoweRec features are quite sensitive to media quality. If it detects a low quality burn (usually at the end) it will slow down the burn speed.

If you want to see a graphical representative of the burn speed, burn the ISO image with Nero CD-DVD Speed. Click the Create Disc tab and check the “Burn Image” under speed settings. After you click “Start” you can then select the ISO image you want to burn.

ok,The MID is RICOHJPN R03 (004) with a blank Memorex 16x Dvd
Should I have PowerRec on or off?
and Autostrategy on auto selection?
What do you recommend for these 2 settings? there on by default.
Have not had any bad burn’s at all,just wondering if this speed thing is normal?

Burned the 4gig image using this Nero Cd-DVD Speed 4.51
Started at 6.69x went as high as 13x,then down from there.
Start 6.69x
Average 10.36x
Ended at 8.05x
Is All This ok?