Plextor 716a review. Any changes

I just finished reading the review, that is found in the plextor FAQS, on the 716a, which was obviously written some time ago.
It was not the most flattering review, to sum it up they used the word “promising”.
Now that there has been FW updates, can it be fair to say that the drive deserves a better score, or has not much changed in the way of media compatiblity and writing quality (particularly at 16x). These were the main negative points highlighted by the reviewer(s).I am thinking about buying one and I really want to know if its a better drive than a Benq 1620 or a same priced NEC 3520. Because there is a big difference in price. The Plextor would run me about $160 here, the cheapest I can get it for, and no I dont want to get one online. :slight_smile:

It’s indeed true that reviews get outdated and thus some information might not be true anymore. There isn’t a lot we can do about this because if we were to update a review every time a new firmware was released, it would simply take us too much time. But, that’s why we have Club CD Freaks :wink: At the end of the review I’ve written a text that says that people should check out the Plextor Forum to the latest news and user opinions. If you want to find out if the Plextor is for you then read through some of the threads here.

My personal opinion is that when I wrote the review, the Plextor PX-716A was simply not a great drive and it needed work. Since then several new firmware versions have been released and no one can deny the fact that the drive’s performance has indeed increased. It’s probably the best drive to get when you’re into Dual Layer burning. It’s a great performer with quality media written at their certified speed. Writing discs at 16x is still problematic sometimes because the drive cannot reach 16x with a lot of media. But, on the other hand this will only be a couple of seconds difference when compared to a drive that does reach 16x. Anyway, I can only suggest you read through the thread in this forum and make up your own mind. If you have more questions, you’re welcome to ask them!

I did. Just after I wrote this I read quite a bit, and Im still not sure. For the price, youd assume that you would be getting the best of the best.
Im not into dual layer burner that much, mainly, like a lot of people, because the price is so damn high for the discs. And as far as not worrying about hitting 16x instead of 12x (or even 8x like some people suggest theres no diff.) why buy a 16x drive at all? By the time the Firmware and media catches up there will be better drives out.
Mainly Im looking for quality burns, just like everyone, but if the plextor has a hard time making 16x burns I ll probably pass on it. The price is too steep for a something that can be matched or outdone in many areas by a drive that cost half the price (or less).
This is too bad. Before I read that review I was really juiced about getting one. This wouldnt be my first and only dvd burner, so I have a bit more understanding of how they work and so I can be more picky.
Anyway I was hoping that this drive would be superior to most. But I guess theres too much competition these days.

Adding a little more to Gamefreak comment, Plextor 716a is:

  • An excellent dual layer burner. This is from my observations since I myself dont burn DL disks yet. This drive can burn Verb 2.4x DL up to 6x with great result.
  • more advance for CD recording with DAE technology.
  • capable of overburning, can overburn to 4600MB (or about 5,000,000,000 bytes) compare to standard 4.38GB (4,700,000,000bytes). I use this a lot for backing up Music videos that usually has LPCM audio (very large in size), or long movies such as LOTR etc.

I do mostly if not ALL dvd burning (backups etc) so I need a drive thats capabilities rest mainly in that.

Considering the price Plextor is not an option for people who does not need overspeed dual-layer, overburning, securec, gigarec and other stuff found only on Plextor drives… Cheaper and even better drives like NEC or LG or Benq are a more reasonable investment. Some will argue that the reliabilty of those may not be as high but this is not proved yet.

Yes this very much seems to be the case.

It used to be the case, but recently Plextor have been a bit of a let-down in the quality and reliability department - The fact that I’ve now RMA’d my drive three times is a sign of that.

That said, at least their support is still top-notch… I remember trying to get my LiteOn RMA’d just once… twitch shudder

I think that the 716 is an excellent burner if you don’t need the extra 20 seconds that LG is faster. It has burned everything i have thrown at it with excellent quality. Sometimes PowerRec slows down the process but not a single coaster yet. Overburning works good with T02 and Ricoh R02. Tried both media up to 4580 MB which is a 100 MB gain over normal usage.

IMO the biggest advantage Plextor 716A has over any other drive right now is it’s ability to use the cheapest media around, and still burn a relatively quality burn. With quality issues from old standy manufacturers (Ritek for example), this drive will save you money on your very first purchase of media…instead of $.60 a disc for quality Taiyo or Verbatim, you can reduce your price to $.20-$.35 a disc and still get better results than most other drives on TY or Verbatim…just my opine.

Really? Most say the quality is the same AND its media compatiblility is not so hot.

it’s also my opinion based on reading this forum

G@mefre@k and Zevia are both quite right in the extra capacity gained, dual layer burning and speed. Yes the Plextor has a hard time making 16x quite often, but it can as has reached 16 times. I prefer that P/R kicks in if it deems my Media is not up to snuff, so what about the extra couple of seconds it takes at least it is not a coaster. I am not sure but probably even Zevia will tell you his BenQ has made a couple of bad burns at 16x simply because the media was not up to snuff. I think Power Record is a little to sensative but it’s a great idea, just needs some polishing. You stated you wanted quality burns. Then I don’t think you will go wrong with the Plextor. Just my opinion. :slight_smile: