Plextor 716A-refurb,OEM package $89

You know all those Plextor 716 drives people returned for exchange? Well this place has them refurbished for $89. BUT, damn, ground shipping is $10. So $100 for a refurbished 716 Plextor- 90 day warranty. OEM packaging- no Plextools. Would you or wouldn’t you? I’m not (at least not until my 712 gets sick, and then I will probably get a retail package) .
This is probably not Bargain Basement qualified, more like a Estate Jewelry sale, I hope Plextor starts hurting enough to lower their prices some.

Unity Electronics

Too steep, with great DVD burners NEC, BENQ etc going for less then $50 nowadays. Without the plextools it’s even worse. My 712a has been bullet proof for me, won’t gamble on the 716.

why get the refurb 716 when you could have two DW1640s?

^ Exactly, with the 1640 @ $40 why bother with 2x the price for a 716 refurb.