Plextor 716A Read/Rip ability



I’ve had a plextor 716A for just over a year - but used it very little. A few weeks ago it died and was replaced very quickly by Plextor. Having to install this new drive motivated me to test it a little. It burns fine but yesterday I noticed that it had a real hard time reading a badly burned Memorex CD. It did copy the cd but audio tracks 9 thu 15 out of 21 were not burned correctly. I tried the CD out on 7 other burners ( BenQ, Liteon, NEC) and they could all read the data.

So my question to those who have Plextors and other burners is:

Is the Plextor a picky reader or is it just my bad luck to get a poor replacement ?

I don’t think in practice it really matters. The Plextor burns well enough and I’m unlikely to get such a poor disk again and if I do I can always rip with another drive.


I took a deeper look at the PX-755 recently: . I noticed, that compared to the PX-755 and the PX-712, the PX-716 is a somewhat worse reader when reading burns of the PX-755 (with one exception where the PX-712 failed totally).

I don’t think the PX-716 is a bad reader (i’ve never hat any REAL problemswith mine), but as my own experience (and yours) shows, better reading quality is certainly possible.


Thanks for your reply - at least I’m not imagening the whole thing.

To me the strange thing is that the Plextor slowed down when ripping and the did complet the job. it then burned but the output was impossible for a number of the tracks.

I fogot to mention that the jitter on the original bad disk was about 25% !!!
perhaps this is what caused the problem for the Plextor ?


Hi :slight_smile:
HarrySmith, I believe that jitter does have the sort of affect that hinders reading. Quite why it is more noticable in the 716, I’ve no idea. The 760 doesn’t seem so suseptible either.