Plextor 716A problem does not recognize any CD

I am not an expert. I have installed my new Plextor 716A, updated the firmware to 1.04. I have tried to read a CD which I previously had recorded and also others, but it does not even recognize them. However it reads the drive support disc without any problem. I therefore assume I have installed it correctly. Is there anything elso I should do? :confused:

RMA it, i had the same problem, although it would read 8 out 10 discs inserted, Plextor exchanged the drive and didnt even want the old one back, so i guess its a problem they know about.

Thank you. You are right when I insert discs, which are listed as compatible, I cannot even open the My Computer folder and I have to eject them to open it. I do not understand why it reads its own Plextools support disc.

Is it only CDR/RWs that it can’t read? The Plextools disc is a stamped CD isn’t it? Have you tried other stamped CDs (not CDRs)?

The Plextor DVD Writing Software disc (Rev 10.01) included with my 716SA is a pressed DVD-ROM disc. So your Plextor disc would be a DVD-ROM disc.

Ah yes, the Plextor disc is really a DVD-ROM! So thats why it would work if you truly can’t read CDs at all.

Yes, it only reads its own. I have tried original stamped cd and dvd (not copied ones) and even blank Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden cd and dvd. It reads nothing! The Nero tools says that I have not installed the ASPI driver, is this necessary?

No, this is not needed. The Plextor drive has two lasers: one for DVD and one for CD. If your drive fails to read any CD(-R/RW) media then there is most likely a problem with the CD laser. RMA it and have it replaced :wink: Good luck!

Two lasers?!??!

I thought they only had one!

Holy crap, does that mean Blu-Ray drives will have three lasers!??!

Most(even Plextor)of drives has only one laser pickup unit.
Just one pickup does everything.
(But different laser wavelength -for CD and DVD- from one pickup)

I think Blu-Ray is same. :slight_smile:

Yep. CDs use an infared wavelength laser, DVDs use a red wavelength laser, and HD-DVDs will use a blue/violet wavelength laser!

Thanks for your reply. I have done a RMA and am waiting for the replacement. Hope it works this time.