Plextor 716a or not?


i am looking forward buying this or next week a dvd-burner; so far i read all the postings about the new 716A (got confused with all the attached graphics, dont understand so much, seems to be a good drive but not the firmware;
my question now, should i take this drive ( it is still not available here in germany) or buy a approved, tested drive like the benq 1620 or nec/pioneer?

mainly i will use the dvd-burner to backup my film or music-collection and double layer is not so important! so what should i do? wait for the 716 or
take a actuall tested drive? i thought always plextor were the nonplusultra considering dvd-burners but it doesnt seem to be that…

thx for help&cheers

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I would wait until a professional review is out, then you can decide.

Do what Zevia said. That’s a good piece of advice.

Also have a look at … they have plenty of professional reviews for lots of drives …

Thanks CVS.

And why did I bought 716a in the first place :confused: (while no pro-review is out yet :bigsmile: )

“And why did I bought 716a in the first place”

Maybe the same reason I did :slight_smile:

The features, the features . . .
intelligent recording
intelligent tilt
the 8mb cache the DL the …

It has more then ANY other drive!

Hardly worth it if none of them work right though…

umm ALL the features work on my drive!

You have a 716A right?

He’s referring to things such as “Intelligent Recording” still producing shitty quality results. (High PIF and POF)

“He’s referring to things such as “Intelligent Recording” still producing shitty quality results. (High PIF and POF)”

Ya can exnay that in plextools :slight_smile:
and thats 1 feature, not all.

btw I left out gigarecord which is very cool.

No I don’t. Only the 712A which fortunately works well.

“No I don’t. Only the 712A which fortunately works well.”

Ya may have luck getting a 716A which fortunately works well
Ya feelin lucky? lol

Did it cross anyones minds here that because “intelligent tilt”
shifts the lasers writing position that perhaps the PIF and POF
scans are off?

Think about it, this IS the most advanced recorder on the market . . .

Actually the 712 I have is the one and only Plextor I have ever owned.

I feel fortunate I “picked” a good one.

I have no intent of buying a 716.

Plextor is struggling.

Erm… not sure it’s the same thing, but Benq advertizes something that looks like this for the DW1620 (at least it’s one of the pics in the retail box)…

I dunno about plextor struggling, I would like too see thier sales reports though.

I had the 504 before this and yep I know it wasnt a true plex, or so thats what people said.
I didnt care it worked.
Untill someone can prove to me that the scans arent faulty
I cant see bashing it.

Its got too many advanced features to say that the old measuring stick will work with any degree of accuracy.

I’ve burned a ton of cd-r cd-rw dvd+r dvd+rw and dvd+r dl , havent got any dvd-r or dvd-rw so havent tried those, but from 5 different brands all were readable burns and played in a lite-on and apex home dvd player.

Sorry Filipe M.
I dont see it here, maybe you can point it out?

It’s referred to as Tilt Control, check it out here.

oops, heres the retail box
its only 2.4x dl yick

Tilt Control
Optimal reading and writing quality is obtained when the angle between the disc and the laser beam is 90 degrees. However, if a disc is warped, the laser beam many no longer be correctly positioned. BenQ’s Tilt Control repositions the OPU (Optical Pickup Unit) to maintain the 90-degree angle between the disc and the laser beam in order to ensure the best writing quality

Intelligent Tilt’ controls the laser in three dimensions, to ensure high quality writing and reading if the disc surface has imperfections

nope 3dimensional wins over simple 90 degree tilts

I’ll stand by my words that the 716A IS the most advanced drive out there.

How bout you post your 4x DL scans for us to see…