Plextor 716A Makes RW discs unusable

I am new here so please excuse if I do something wrong. I just bought a new Plextor 716A that I intended to use primarily for data backup on both CD-RW and DVD+RW discs. My problem is that once I record something on the Plextor, I cannot record on that disc on another recorder. When I try to, it says the disc is an illegal medium etc. Also, once I record on a DVD+RW in the Plextor, even if I erease the dscs in the Plextor and place it into my Sony Home DCD recorder GX315, it says the disc is not readable or writeable. What does Plextor do to these discs to make them useable only in the Plextor? Do other recorders do this to the discs as well?
Another thing I don’t like is that when I do a verify with the included Roxio software, it reads back a 24x RW disc at about 1X making verify time very long. I am planning to sell this item on Ebay so far. Any ideas? :a

You will probably get more help if this was posted in the Plextor Forum. Maybe a mod will see it and move it for you. Lots of knowledgable people there could probably help you, I dont use Roxio Software for burning so can’t say but I have had no such problems with Nero, you could try their trial software (available at the Nero website) and see if that helps.:slight_smile:

“I intended to use primarily for data backup on both CD-RW and DVD+RW discs.”
Phase change media CDRW DVD±RW are alright for testing something, but never trust it for what you say backup. If you combine RW’S with Nero incd or Roxio drag to disc, you really flirt with disaster.