Plextor 716a Issues

I have an problem with my drive.

Now, i want to burn a music disc, to play in my stereo. That would be simple, however,
i run Nero Express, i add the music files, but when i get to the page just before the burning process, (where i can change writing speed, etcetera (; ), the “Burn” button is greyed out. I have tried with CD-R, and CD-RW, but they both make it grey out. If there is no disc in my drive, i can push the button, but then it asks for a disk, (CD-R or RW IIRC), and when i put in any disk, the program freezes.

The cd’s come from Imation, but i have tried with other cds, that i don’t remember the company name of.

Anyone who can help? If you need any more info, please say so.

What kind of files do you use? What are the extensions?

seems to be a prob with the files, not a prob with your plex.
did you try another burning prog eg plextools?

btw the brand of your cdr is not as interesting as the real manufacturer - imation usually doesn’t sell quality media.

It’s mp3 files. I don’t have plextools, but i tried alcohol 120%, that didn’t work, and another program, “cheetah cd-burner”, that didn’t work either.
They both simply say “insert a cd for burning”.
(yes, i did put one in)

did u try calling plextor Techsupport and speaking to them??