Plextor 716A help

I got this drive today to replace my Samsung DVD ROM drive.I took out the drive and replaced it with the new plextor.Im running a HP Pavillion 492 with pentium 4 by the way.The ide cable in the pc said MASTER on it so I left the jumper switch in the master position with the cdr drive as a slave.I booted up the pc and went into device manager and there was the new drive.I then went to load up the software and this is where the problems started.All the icons are in explorer window but when you click on any of them the computer either crashes or I get the following message “only part of a read process memory or write process memory request was complete”.I’ve tried putting the jumpers in different position and I either get the same thing or the drive is not detected.I also updated the firmware to 1.05 but that still does nothing.Any help to guide me through my mistakes would be great and sorry if this has already been posted.Thanks in advance


Get back to square 1. Remove the DVDR drive and see if the problem goes away. If it does, remove the ROM and put the cable on the DVDR. See it if the problem is still gone. If yes, then add the ROM and see if the interaction is causing the problem.

Could be adding sw just unmasked some underlying issue since what you’re getting does not sound like a drive issue.