Plextor 716a firmware 1.56?

I’ve just received 3 dvd burners by plextor 1 built march 2005 has firmware version 1.56 while latest firmware version is 1.09. Should i Upgrade? Is this a special firmware?


Additional info on this drive: Windows says that region code has not been set for the drive, any clues?

Must be one of these:

You should consider upgrading to 1.09; as you’ve noticed, bigger numbers don’t always mean the latest firmware :slight_smile:

A message appears:

Drive has later version of firmware than this program. Please visit Plextor Web site to check availability of latest firmware for the drive you have.

Do you continue it?


I suppose, it’s a yes…

We don’t even know what the origin of 1.56 RPC1 firmware is [except that it’s based on 1.06], while 1.09 is the real deal.

It is a firmware based on 1.06 modified by some company to add it to their DVD copy stations. Too bad I don’t have any link to prove that right now, but you should definitely upgrade.

OK thanks to all, i’ll post if notice improvements on write quality.

After upgrading firmware the drive does not write discs. It give power calibration error.

You may give the support of plextor europe a try … How old is the drive ?

Firmware 1.56 is probably OEM, as mentioned, with special features. If you flashed one and now get the PC errors, try again with the DMA jumper installed to force PIO mode. Could be the firmware got hosed on the flash, assuming the drive was working.

Drive Mfg Date Is March 2005

Ok now the real question. The copy station is a Rimage with 2 plex 716 firmware 1.56.
These drives don’t work anymore. If i replace them with 2 new drives and firmware 1.09 would the station work? if not how can I copy the “old firmware” and flash it inside the new drives?


Why not get the official version from Rimage (apparently based on 1.09)? See:

You can always install the drive in a normal computer and flash the binary firmware file with the PXFlash utility.

looks like rimage won’t send me firmware, so how can i “download” from the original drive shipped with the system? Any clues?

If you want the original firmware, look for the 4 digit TLA. The last two are the firmware rev. Download the exe from Plextor. Better to go with the latest rev, though.