PLEXTOR 716A Finally the (Pre)Review!

The Last Revelation… Finally!!! :bow:

…it’s only a Pre-Review!!! :wink:

Stay Tuned for a Full-Review wait for next 7 days!!!

It’s only a Pre-Release preview.

OC-Freak will hopefully have a complete review up soon.

Not G@M3FR3@K?

I would love to see reviews that are carried out with drives that have been bought from everyday stores by the reviewers themselves.

If Plextor sends CDR-Info (or anyone else) a test unit you can be pretty sure it is hand-picked and way above the nominal productions specs.

It looks to me like a Pre-Beta Pre-Release preview …No Mount Rainier ?

Even CD-writer PX-W4824TA had MR …!!! :confused: :confused: :confused:

But 16X MCC 004 on 9:14 sounds right according to CDFreaks unofficial results , right ? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

PS : Can 712 read DL now with 1.05 ?

This PX716A is a Dilemma for me… :a

Plextor Corp. is another BIG Dilemma for me… :frowning:

I suggested that a couple of days ago and got lightly flambéd by OC Freak and G@M3FR3@K. And Kenshin went bananas. :wink:

Coincidentally, had an article suggesting preciesly the same thing:

Should I pick one 716a tla0202 at bestbuy and run an “unofficial review”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeahhhhhhh ! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
That’s the Xmas-spirit , zevia !!!

At least seven8 and bladeede has working 716 ???
Maybe they could do the review if anyone has a recipe ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, from my experience, my bought drives always performed slightly worse (nothing fancy, though) than those from the different reviews I have read before … and I can totally agree with you on your statement about marketing departements … :iagree:

I know it is only a preview, but I for one will only take it with a pinch of salt if they call that TDK scan a good scan. Frankly, anything with less than a smooth read transfer graph I would consider a bad scan. If the read transfer scan is smooth, PIPO scans are just for splitting hairs.

I have recently become a little alarmed by the true usefullness of PIPO scans. I have heard mention before of people with excellent PIPO scans but problems reading discs back. With my PX712A, which I am resigned to using very conservatively, burning most media at x4 even if rated higher, I am picking up a number of discs with excellent PIPO scans (PIE av. < 0.1, PIE max < 10, PIF 0) but which for no apparent reason do not produce smooth read transfers (mostly Maxell x4 DVD+R Made in Japan YUDEN000 T01 00, but also Verbatim +R x8 & x12 MMC003 and x16 MMC004).

Hey , I’m missing something here which You could help me explain avsgenie !!! :bow:

I have seen some testpictures elsewhere and wondered what they were about …?!

excellent PIPO scans (PIE av. < 0.1, PIE max < 10, PIF 0) but which for no apparent reason do not produce smooth read transfers
What are smooth read transfers ??? :confused:

@ TheFlyingDuckman,

By “smooth read transfers”, I mean as in the first graph in the preview of the Mitsubishi Chemicals 16X DVD+R @ 16X.

Another rude guy who can’t stand it being called wrong. The two CDFreaks reviewers only said the very truths in simple ways. I replied to you only because you were of the extreme opinion which to me seemed like an ignorant one.

If you can make a good story out of anything, post it on the CDFreaks forum where you can make accusations and ask questions to find out whether CDFreaks reviews are honestly done or whether manufacturers send “hand-picked” drives.

To me, your logic just seemed like out of ignorance. Can you explain why I am saying these even when I test drives that are mostly bought directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers and resllers and I have been extremely criticial of Plextor’s marketing policy and those “Plextor fanatics”?

NOBODY stops you from buying one or two PX-716A and posting reviews that are as good and complete as the reviews by Gamefreak or OCFreak. I hardly write and publish such reviews but I do try to contribute myself rather than falsely and selfishly accusing honest people. If you can’t do reviews yourself, just buy a few PX-716A TLA#0202 and send them to me, OCFreak, and anyone else who wants to review the drive. Personally, I can see no big reason why I need to spend any money on PX-716A when there have been literally hundreds of invidiuals around me who have done exaclty that already and right after they collectively proved they should have waited GSA-4163B or ND-3520A.

Most times, the pre-release units are lesser than production units. Firmware development after the first release also make store-bought products better than review samples. Having engineering sample Athlon and Pentium 4 processors is not such a great thing. Sample media and drives also cost a lot more because of the diseconomy.

Most average users do not use tech products like reviewers and most performance differences about internet connection bandwidth and optical drive writings result from user ignorances and misunderstandings. Reviewers who daily and weekly test the same kind of tech products like mobile phones and optical drives make fewer mistakes and know how to bypass problems.

But the most important thing to be a good reviewer is sound and balanced judgement. Which most consumers who post on the web forums.don’t seem to have enough. They easily exaggerate and get obsessed.

Do you even know what a smiley is, or what it means? Sheesh…

ftp1020, take it easy.

Kenshin, your baby girl ruin your 10TB hardwares? :bigsmile: <-- this is a smiley so don’t be hard on me now :wink:

Good suggestion, thanks.

Well I didn’t suggest that. :confused: