Plextor 716a Error

I’m Getting This Msg. When I Start To Burn A Dvd Using Dvd Shrink … ‘‘burn Process Failed! An Error Log File Was Created That Can Be Very Helpful In Diagnosing Problems. Would You Like To Save It’’… Can Anyone Help Me Thanks Rob…

It’s hard to tell because you included so very little information in your post to help us help -you-. Could be anything with the amount of included information; I once had a burn fail because one of my drives was asleep and when it was accessed halfway through a burn, the time it took to spin up was enough for the buffer to run all the way out, producing a coaster. Probably not it, but just an example of how many things could go wrong, which is why the “Read Before Posting” section explains to include as much info as possible for worthwhile troubleshooting.

I agree with brjones. Please provide as much information as possible to allow forum members to track down your problem much more quickly.

Those information is standard for troubleshooting. In addition:

  • Do you have the latest DVD Shrink? (
  • Please post DVD Shrink log.

DVDShrink is no burning program, it uses either DVDDecrypter or Nero (which is buggy sometimes).