Plextor 716A ejection problem?

when i eject the tray from my plextor716A, it slows down near the end. that is, as it first ejects, the first 80% of the tray smoothly comes out, but the remaining 20% abruptly slows down, almost as if it gets jammed or caught. is there a problem with the motor on my drive or does this seem to be the case with other plextor drives. all other drives i have come across smoothly eject.


This behavior is normal for the Plextor PX-716 series.

My PX-716A and Plex Premimum both exibit this behavior.

I think it’s to reduce the wear on the ‘backstop’, either that or they have a really crappy sensor to detect when the tray is out and to cut power to the motor :slight_smile:

I noticed the tray’s inconsistant eject speed and also how the tray shifts, just a “tad”, to one direction at the very end of the ejection.(have to look close to see it) I returned my drive and got another 716, and the new one did the same thing. Like you all have said, I’ve since learned that this is “normal”.

The shift is due to the way most ROM drive trays work - There’s a stubby little peg in most drives that moves along a little run on the underside of the tray - When the tray’s being pulled into fully loaded position, the run curves to the side, which locks the peg in.

It stops you pulling the tray out, because the only way for the peg to come out is if the motor turns (Which is what you are doing when you Paper-clip it open; The paper-clip pushes on one of the gears which turns the locking shaft, which is enough to pop the tray out and let you pull it the rest of the way out.)