Plextor 716a DVD -R DL officially announced has a press release in PDF-format online:

If i read it correctly the update is announced for December.

Well, the drive itself has to be available in the first place … :bigsmile:

Thanks hwp! Do we have any Japanese forum members that can properly translate the text for us?

firmware 1.01 Support dvd+rw @8x ! 1.01???good news. it will be released in one week after 716 offically released.


  • the original firmware 1.00 already support dvd+rw @8x.
  • can you post an exact link that shows fw 1.01 will be released a week after official??

:frowning: I checked Plextor’s USA site and now the 716A is available for preorder NOVEMBER 8, 2004. Lmao! Each time it’s pushed back…hmmms…go figure! :rolleyes:

The guy who go the sample driver told me this…internal news