Plextor 716A, Dual Layer burning issues

OK…so here is my problem:

I’ve used my 716 to burn discs in the past, and before it burned and read them fine. Now, when I try to read these discs, my 716 won’t read them…it sits there and flashed an orange light on and off…the only way I was able to read a disc to do an error test (pic to follow this) was to reflash firmware, and not reboot…suddenly it worked. I am currently on 1.09. When I did an error check, I got this:

Now…that’s weird, a sudden jump in errors? I used the recommended Verbatim DVD+R DL and had booktype set. I just burned another disc today, DL, same media, and it burned fine, but I can’t read it in my 716. My ancient Toshiba DVD-Rom reads it FINE…

I switched the 716 and Toshiba to be masters on their own IDE channels, still no difference…I even killed background programs…no deal.

Single layer discs read fine in this drive…I don’t get it. Is the newest firmware junk?