Plextor 716A - Drive Tray Won't Close

Hi all:

I just installed my brand new Plextor 716A drive. During the initial boot up, the drive tray opened. I left it alone, figuring it was just loading/testing the drive. Per Windows XP, the drive was detected and installed correctly. The problem now is that the drive won’t close. I press the button for it to close, and the tray goes in and pops back out. I tried it with a DVD and empty - no luck, it just won’t close and stay closed or read anything.

I’m working on a Dell Dimension 4600, both disk drives are set at CSEL. I have no problems switching to master/slave, but figure there might be some simple solution I’m missing before I open the computer up again.

I’m at a loss. Anyone else have any ideas?


Try master slave (but I personally dont think it will work)

I think though that you have a faulty drive & it cant tell when the tray is closed & thus times out and returns it to a known position (open).

RMA time

Try disconnecting the data cable. Drive tray should not open on power on, but only on pressing the eject button. If it comes open by itself, you got a bad drive.

If you replaced the front bezel (changed to black) and if the bezel isn’t popped into place just right… it will do this exact thing. I don’t know if you changed your bezel, but if you did… check over the bezel and make sure it’s snapped in good. If it isn’t right, the bezel doesn’t allow the tray to go all the way shut (even tho it looks like it is), so it just kicks the tray back out.