Plextor 716A burning Slow

I am new to DVD Burning and have really no clue what I am doing. I copied a friends 4.7G DVD+R. It copied at 1x and took about an hour. I have two drives (a DVD Player and then the Plextor 716A Burner). I am using the roxio easy writer 7.0 and performed a disc to disc operation. I used a 16x Verbatim disc and selected a burn speed of 16x. Is my problem the DVD player reading to slow? Next time shood I read with my Plextor and also write with it or is there something else that I can do to make the disc to disc transfer faster?



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How long should it take to copy a DVD with my burner, and doing it disc to disc? Does one hour sound like to long?

yup, an hour is too long. have you checked the DMA mode of the IDE controller(s)? it’s in the FAQ.

The IDE controller is set to DMA mode.

If you’re burning disc-to-disc then I’m not surprised you got such a slow performance. You should first copy the files to your hard disk and then copy them from your hard disk to the Plextor. Make sure that all devices are using DMA mode. Check that Current Transfer Mode says DMA! Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’ve burned disk to disk (on the fly) with Record Now or Roxio and finished in about 7 mins. :smiley:

But Vcas I bet both drives were on separate IDE channels? If both are on the same channel then there is now way you can reach the high transfer rates that are needed for DVD burning. I’m surprised you even succeeded to burn in 7 minutes because even if both drives are on separate channels, most readers are not fast enough to supply the Plextor (or any other 16X DVD burner) with data.